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Livonian Wolves at the Leaping Wall

On the feast of the nativity of Christ, at night such a multitude of wolves transformed from men gather together in a certain  spot, arranged among themselves and then spread to rage with wondrous ferocity against human beings, and those animals which are not wild, that the natives of these regions suffer more detriment from these, than they do from true and natural wolves; for when a human habitation has been detected by them, isolated in the woods, they besiege it with atrocity, striving to break in the doors, and in the event of doing so, they devour all the human beings, and every animal that is to be found within.  

They burst into the beer cellars, and there they empty the tuns of beer or mead, and pile up the empty casks one above the another in the middle of the cellar, thus showing showing their difference from natural and genuine wolves. Between Lithuania, Livonia, and Courland are the walls of a certain old ruined castle. 

On this particular night congregate the multitude, and try their ability in jumping.  Those who are unable to bound over the wall, as is often with the fattest, are fallen upon with scourges by the captains and slain.  Livonian wolves at the leaping wall effect transformation by crossing a certain body of water.