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Michigan DogMan

The Michigan Dogman is a cryptid that has reportedly been sighted throughout Michigan and gained prominence in 1987 when a radio DJ produced a song about a fabricated half man/half dog creature as part of an April Fools Day prank, only to have people call the station to report that they had in fact seen a similar creature, sometimes described as part wolf. The song mentions that attacks are most likely to occur in the seventh month of the seventh year of each decade, and that July, there was an attack that was widely reported that took place near Luther, Michigan, with deep claw marks around the door and windows of a cabin as if an aggressive animal had attempted to enter the building, but officials only found dog tracks around the outside.

Though popularized in 1987, the dogman has been part of local legend for quite a while, with Ottawa and Chippewa tribes having legends of human hybrids who could shape shift into different animals at will.

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My fiancée’s grandfather owns land not too far from the swamp that some say the wolfman hangs out. I’m not from Wexford county.. I’m from Iosco county off of the Ausable river. and an avid angler and out doors man I have seen some weird stuff.

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When I was hiking the Ausable in the summer of 1999. in the counties Oscoda Alcona and Iosco. I remember one of my most scariest encounters with the wilderness.

while walking east down along the river around 1 hr. prior to dusk I heard what to my ears to be a wolf howl.. I Have seen wolf prints and seen wolves at my home at 5375 south branch road long lake mi. 48743. but never have I heard a howl so deep and almost humanlike in my life.. I got spooked and set up camp and made a fire. larger than most. due to my fear.. At dusk I heard it closer. directly across the river. I had heard stories of the wolfman from native powwows and in family folk lore covering the whole USA. But never have I personally seen what I saw that night or the next day. that night after eating beef barley stew from my canned good collection. I laid down by the fire with my huge folding knife closely gripped by my chest. I was watching and listening to the surrounding wood line for about 30 minutes. when the average noises stopped. which to me meant 2 things 1: something had spooked the local animals. and 2: made me very uneasy. I looked out away from the fire and shot the fire away from my eyes using the un armed hand. I looked across the river which was only about 100meters across from my fire. and saw the most unnerving sight ever. on the sand was a creature standing maybe larger than the average sow black bear, with black fur, large long skull and yellow reflecting eyes like the wolf.. I closed my eyes and hoped I was imagining things and then it gave out the howl again. I opened my eyes and it ran up the bank and disappeared into the night. as it ran it didn't run on all fours like a bear nor a wolf. and unlike the local bigfoot it wasn't full upright like a human or primate.. I was so scared that I slept the rest of that night in a damn tree about20 foot off the ground. it took me 3 hrs and praying to easy my fear so I could sleep..

The next morning I woke up and crossed down stream and hiked back to where I saw the werewolf or dogman. there in the bank I saw wolf prints about the size of a bear an adults paw... there were not any group of fours like if you were tracking a wolf or coyote. there were on the other hand a line of tracks separated by at least on yard apart between each paw print. and the paw print unlike that of a canine was not straightly imprinted into the sand.. the print was angled into the sand as if it where balancing around 200 pounds of body weight on that single paw.. I wish I had a camera with flash that night prior and for that day. to capture some proof of what I saw... as a child my friend and I while living in Macomb county in Memphis Michigan while hiking in the Memphis youth center farm land in Richmond town ship tracked a similar set of tracks... a few years prior in 96. we tracked it for 4 miles to a farm where a lady had found her chicken pen torn to shreds and many chickens shredded. none of us ever mentioned these before. for fear of being called crazy. but just like many after hearing the song about Wexford county and the incident at the Luther cabin. only has solidified my belief. I am a strong Christian and I believe in angels and demons. and the oddities that we are more occasionally seeing.

Ask the Indians, and the French descendants who lived in the region. many have seen or heard such things over the many years.. though bigfoot is more believable, I agree... But this is an occurring thing all over the mid south and Midwest... my mom and I have seen bigfoot while berry picking in the woods between south branch road and liberty trail and Wickert roads there is a river that flows into a lake there. and there is a great big huckleberry patch there. .. we thought it was a bear at first but as it came over the fire break we knew we weren't looking at a bear.

So as to being a skeptic about both of these things I can't prove either of what I heard nor saw but. I never camp with out a fire arm anymore.

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