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The Werewolf of Henrico County

It seems there's a werewolf - or at least that would be my guess - roaming around Henrico Co. in Varina - in the Confederate Hills Recreation Center located at 302 Lee Avenue, Highland Springs, VA 23075. It is a well known local legend although no one seems to know about its origins. It is only seen during the full moon and has been known to howl. It also chases people although it has never killed or hurt any humans. It is six feet tall and is covered in a grayish white hair. It can stand on its hind legs or run on all four legs. It has a human like body but a face like an animal - particularly wolf-like.

After reading the stories of the werewolf of Henrico County (Varina), I thought I would contribute some odd experiences that happened to myself and my husband. My husband used to live with his parents on Old Osbourne Tpke. and their house is right next to the Battlefield Park. They have a large backyard, unfenced, with a field going back about 100 yards and woods behind it, which continue into the Park. When we first started dating, he was living there, and I would come to visit him and stay over some nights. We would go behind his house and sit on a picnic table to smoke, because we couldn't smoke in the house. There were many nights, usually very late (about 2 or 3 in the morning) when we would sit outside and hear awful howling noises. It sounded like maybe dogs, but I have never heard a dog make sounds like that. A lot of times it creeped us out so much we would put our cigarettes out and rush back into the house.

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Another time, in broad daylight, we went outside to smoke and were sitting on the picnic table. All of a sudden, we saw a pack of white dog/wolf things coming toward us. They weren't running or anything, just slowly making their way across his neighbors' backyards toward us. Those dog things came into his backyard and walked across the yard, right in front of us. There was something not right about them. They seemed to be in some sort of trance. They didn't seem to notice us at all. They just walked right across the yard, across the field, toward the neighbor's yard on the other side. This experience is one of the weirdest things that's ever happened to me, because we had no way of explaining where they had come from, what they were, or what they were doing.

Another experience has become a kind of family legend in my husband's family. This happened about 9 years ago. His family has a pet cat that they used to let outside (before this happened, that is). It was my husband's father's birthday, and they had let the cat outside a while before. They were all sitting around the table, eating birthday cake, when they heard something crash into the glass back door. They rushed out to see what the noise was, and they found the cat laying on the ground, covered in crap, and I literally mean crap. Apparently, my husband's mom made a joke that a bear had found the cat and wiped his butt with it and threw it against the house. That was the only thing they could come up with to explain the event. Needless to say, the cat is an indoor cat now.

Lots of other weird stuff happens around there, but these are the only incidents that might be related to the werewolf. When I told my husband about the story I read on your site, he got really creeped out and said, "that would explain a lot."

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