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The Legend of the Converse Werewolf

Converse Texas is an old-time ranching community. Some time ago a rancher wanted his 15 year old son to “come of age” and become a man. His task was to go out into the wild and kill a deer for the family to eat. The boy went out and after a few days, still had not returned.

A search party was formed to locate the boy. Some time into the search the rancher heard a noise in the distance. Thinking that he had found his son, he ran off in the direction of the noise.

What he found was an eight-foot-tall beast that looked like a cross between a large ape and a wolf that was eating the boy. The rancher fired shots at the beast as it retreated into the woods, but it was too late to save his son. The grief-stricken rancher died shortly after, suffering from depression and a broken heart.