possesses a technically talented team and enjoy a leading research and design position within the domestic packing machinery industry. We specialize in automatic & semi-automatic complete filling line including filling machine,perfume filling machine,automatic filling machine,capping machine, sealing machine, labeling machine etc. widely used in the pharmaceutical, chemical, foodstuff, agricultural chemical and cosmetics industries. VRJ R & D team, filling machine overall solution can be designed according to customer requirements.

automatic weighing filling machine

Company new products VRJ-50 fully  weighing  automatic filling machine is successfully developed and delivered to customers, filling machine series products for my company added a new species.VRJ-50 fully automatic weighing filling machine weighing measurement method using electronic sensors,automatic filling machine high precision, the error is small, easy to use, simple operation, a special industry can choose the type explosion-proof filling machine.

 Semi-automatic  Filling Machine http://www.vrjpack.net/Perfume_Filling_Machine/2012/0702/37.html


VRJ-ZK manual vacuum filling machine is designed for filling water-like products, such as perfume, alcohol.
It is pure pneumatic driven, no electricity required for safe guarantee. Easy to operate and change bottles.

Technical parameter:1. Pure pneumatic machines meet the explosion-resistant requirements.
2. Vacuum filler system ensures filling level,automatic filling machine  finally all bottles are the same liquid level in visual.
3. No strict requirement with the bottle shape and consistency.
4. Auto-drainage system is equipped.
5. Simple structure and easy to operate and maintain.
6. This machine can be equipped with a single or multiple heads for you to choose( 1 head, 2 heads, 4 heads).

How it works
Put material tank under ground, and put the two pipes into tank. Put bottle under the filling heads and then push the foot pedal, the filling heads starts to move down and press bottle mouth, then it starts to fill, after filling to the preset height, additional water will be recycled back to material tank, no spillage, no leakage

  Item Parameter
                           Air Pressure£º               5kg/cm2 ~8kg/cm2
                           Filling Volume:               below 200ml
                           Filling Accuracy:            Within¡À1mm
                           Weight :                          25kg

this type of piston fillers are designed to dispense a wide variety of liquid and semi-liquid products with or without particulates. these machines cater to the food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, chemical, and a number of other specialty industries. the assortment of products that piston fillers can accommodate is almost unlimited, ranging from water thin liquids to thick creams and pastes. all though piston fillers can be used to fill thin liquids they are best suited for viscous products that other machine types are unable to dispense. piston fillers can also be custom tailored to meet almost any product characteristics. (salsa or exfoliating skin care products are good examples). in addition to being a highly versatile filling machine, the piston fillers are constructed with heavy duty stainless steel frames and quick connect food grade contact parts providing quick and easy cleanup.
recommended products this machine can fill:
semi-viscous and viscous liquids; catsup, mustard, mayonnaise, syrups, salsa, honey, peanut butter, jellies, dipping sauces, lip balm, shampoo, thick soaps, styling gels, facial masks, wax, glue, grease, sealants, silicone and much more.
key features:
two to twelve head filler configuration (8-128 oz. cylinders)
food grade stainless steel constructed
color touch screen controls with help menus and job memory
plc controlled
able to output multiple doses per container for large containers
tool-less dose volume adjustment for easy fine tuning of dose output
easy clean stainless steel quick connect fittings
seperate fill and draw speeds for accurate control of viscous liquids
10 ft conveyor standard
filling range: up to 5000 ml(5-60ml, 10-125ml, 25-250ml, 50-500ml, 100-1000ml,  
            250-250ml, 500-5000ml)




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