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 ¡¡VRJ-60Y Weighing Filling Machine

This automatic packaging equipment is applicable for filling high capacity containers. (5-60Kg) in weigh measuring system.
Available containers: barrel, drum, vat, keg, bucket, pail etc.
1.Mainly includes the rack, drum stand, lifting frame, weighing sensor, control part, injection nozzle and so on
2.It is operated by German FESTO pneumatic cylinders. Pneumatic technology used for safe and efficient working of the machine.
3.Swiss METTLER TOLEDO Load cell, easy calibration and weigh setting through display panel thus reducing weighing changeover time.
4. Material contact parts are made of 316L stainless steel and lined with PTFE, The frame material should be stainless steel and sealing materials are silicon rubber and PTFE(Teflon) conforming to GMP.
5.Easy disassembly as collar clamp connection between filling device and feeding device, easy to clean. Reasonable design and easy operation.
Item Parameter
Power source 220V/ 50Hz
Air pressure 0.4-0.8MPa
electric current 500mA
Weighing precision 10-30Kg¡À10g
Filling scope 5-60Kg
Transport format Manually

Nail polish filling machine 

Nail polish filling machineThe new generation of nail polish filling machine is characterized by:1: Replacement of a different flavor of materials cleaning is very convenient, in a short time to complete, save time, to avoid the impact of material between.2: the whereabouts of the stainless steel ball device, stable operation. Has been patented.3: the robot to grab the brush and cover, positioning accuracy, high pass rate. And stable performance.4: with torque adjustable cap part, the effect is beautiful, and reduce breakage.

Filling volume:                  1ml-5ml  10ml-50ml   50ml-100ml
output :                              25-30bottle/min
Main motor power:          1kw
Air source pressure:        0.8Mpa
Power supply:                   220V 50HZ

 VRJ-FY24 Filling and Capping Machine

VRJ-FY24 automatic liquid filling machine, liquid filling machine is mainly used for filling wine, cosmetics, food and other non-carbonated liquid level. Main features: 1, the filling machine for low vacuum filling. Using the latest research and development of new valves, filling speed, high precision, wide range, reliable, non-drip; 2, suitable for filling all kinds of round, square and wide-mouth glass bottles and plastic bottles; 3, the exposed parts made of stainless steel and engineering plastics manufacturing, where the liquid contact parts are made of stainless steel; 4, frequency control, soft start, emergency stop, smooth operation, easy to operate and equipped with overload protection device;  Bottle holder to adopt a flexible structure, no bottles loss; wine jar level with the three-liquid automatic control device, into the wine pipe made of stainless steel imported electromagnetic valve; vacuum system installed in the work of the audience, not recycled water; 6, the filling is completed, can be completely thorough cleaning and disinfection.
Technical parameters
Power supply: 380V
Power: 4.5KW
Filling accuracy:             0.1%
yield :                              4000-5000 bottles / hour (300ml)
Bottle diameter :           20-70mm
bottle height :                100-300mm
Filling head:                  24 Capping heads: 6
 VRJ-6TY Linear Filling Machine


Product Introductions

(1) The VRJ¡ª6TY is designed by referring to the same kind of foreign filling machines with extra functions increased. The product is simple and convenient in operation, error correction, machine cleaning and maintenance.
(2) Widely used for filling various kinds of liquid products in the industries of daily chemicals, foodstuffs, pharmaceutics and oil.
(3) With 6 filling heads and 6 cylinders, quick and accurate filling possible.
(4) With Germany FESTO and Taiwan¡¯s AirTac pneumatic elements control parts adopted, its performance is stable.
(5) The cylinders and pistons are made of 316L stainless steel and lined with PTFE, conforming to GMP.
(6) Compact design, attractive appearance, convenient installational and filling adjustment, no missed filling and accurate filling dosage with a counter provided.
(7) Closure head preventing leakage and wire-drawing, filling elevating system preventing high froths, bottle top positioning system and liquid level control system provided.

Item Parameter
Filling speed 20-60 Bottle/min.
Filling accuracy ¨Q¡À1©‡
Power supply 220/110V 50/60Hz
Air pressure 0.5-0.7MPa
Current 3A
Power 500W
Filing volumes range 5-60ml 10-125ml 25-250ml 50-500ml 100-1000ml 250-2500ml 500-5000ml

 VRJ--DY One Head Liquid Filling Machine

Product Instructions

(1) The Model VRJ--DY Single Head Liquid Filling Machine, simple and reasonable in design, highly accurate and easily operated, is a product upgraded and innovated by introducing foreign advanced filling machine technology.
(2) As an ideal apparatus for filling fluid, it is useful in pharmaceutics, daily chemicals, foodstuffs, cosmetics, pesticide and special trades.
(3) For semi-automatic and piston type pasty liquid filling.
(4) Has small size, reasonable design and easy operation. German FESTO and Taiwan¡¯s AirTac pneumatic elements adopted.
(5) Its cylinder body and piston are made of 316L stainless steel and lined with PTFE, conforming to GMP.
(6) Filling volume and speed adjustable. Filling accuracy high.
(7)Filling bulkhead is leakage-proof, and a lifting filling device provided.
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